Monday, April 21, 2008

Journal Entry: Kyrilean's and Maedchen's Weekend

Finally hit exalted with Shattered Sun yesterday! I did this by completing 4-5 of the daily quests. I then bought my new healing necklace which I’m excited about. Not a huge upgrade on the heals side, but the mp5 upgrade is great!

So now I’m exalted, I feel little desire to continue these daily quests. As I’m fairly broke for a 70 in epic gear, I will do the easier ones just to keep my gold supply increasing. I probably won’t bother with the quests requiring drops as I cannot stand it when the drop rate is low. I have better things to do with my time.

I spent most of my weekend playing my priest Maedchen. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any of my alts and it was very refreshing. I’ve devoted a lot of time with Kyrilean and it’s great, but repetitive daily quests and heroic instances are starting to take their toll. So Maedchen got a little time this weekend.

Maedchen started out level 18 when I started on Friday and hit level 21 by Sunday evening. I must say that leveling a shadow priest is much easier than leveling a protection pally. Granted I had little to no idea what I was doing with specs and gear back then. I have a simple understanding now. Not much of an upgrade in knowledge, but a little is better than none.

I must say that Darkshore is perhaps one of the worst designed areas in my opinion. I completed most of the quests before deciding I was finished. I hate the design, the quests, and the running from one end to the other constantly and I was using QuestHelper! For future alts I will have to settle for being barely on speaking terms with the Night Elves.

Kyrilean did see some play time though. On Sunday, three of us 70 pallies grouped with two lower level warlocks who hadn’t run Ramparts yet. In fact, one hadn’t even been to Outland yet. They had quests so we took them to get some better gear and finish their quests. After Ramps we ran Blood Furnace too for more quests.

In recent posts I’ve complained about my attitude changing towards the game. It was extremely refreshing to play to have fun and help a few people out. Making everything about me and my next piece of gear was definitely taking its toll. Not going to say I’m not going to Kara this week as we arrange a group and hitting up the heroics for badge loot, but the focus has been redirected.

Getting to know some of the new guildies was great fun! Watching how they play and getting to know how to group is absolutely necessary for preparing to set this guild up for raiding Karazhan and other instances. I’m positive that we’re going to get there and soon.

My only concern with those I ran with is inexperience. I have absolutely no idea how to play a warlock. I haven’t even rolled an alt for one. That said I can give no advice on how to spec, play, or treat a warlock. These initial 5 man instances are crucial to learning how to interact with a group and to learn your role. The further we move into raiding, the more specialized the job becomes, and the more critical understanding your role within the group is.

The other part of the concern is running lower levels through these instances with the gear and abilities that I and others have. Some of us are so overgeared for the regular instances that we can 2-man them. It makes it difficult to learn exactly how to react in given situations when you have someone so overgeared that you will never wipe. In fact, only one warlock died once the whole night. The only others to die were their voidwalkers.

Well I suppose I shouldn’t be too concerned. There are many instances that I ran only once or not at all but have run in heroics many times. Granted not the best place to learn, but it is doable given patient people which I know our guild has.
So overall a great weekend! I had a lot of fun and look forward to helping a few of the guildies level and/or gear up in preparation for Karazhan!

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