Friday, April 18, 2008

To Do List

[Edit: Oh the irony! started this post on March 20th, 2008, but I'll leave it as is and strikethrough the items I've done. Then in the next few days I'll just redo it with the things I've added. In otherwords, except to see another one in a month or two. LOL!]

You ever get working on so many things that you just can’t get any of it done? This has often happened to me at work, but now it’s happening in World of Warcraft! Dear Lord, what have I done?!

Here’s a list of all the crap I’m trying to get done. Maybe if I list it here I’ll finally be able to prioritize it.
Earn 5200g for epic flying mount and training. Done.
• Heroic items – Bought my first item about a month ago. Need 775 badges more to buy all the items I'm looking at, including the new 2.4 badge vendor items. (Man I'm praying to get into ZA soon and avoid all that!) [Edit: at this point I'm just hoping to get back into Kara soon.]
• Lower City Rep – Want Lower City Prayerbook. I have been working on this a little bit. I need 800 more rep to get there.
Sha’tar rep – want Gavel of Pure Light. [Edit: Received Light's Justice during a Kara run a couple of weeks ago.]
Aldor rep – want those Greater Inscription of Faith shoulder enchants. [Edit: Did this last Sunday spending 3 hours farming Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments.]
• Consortium Rep – and the Arc key
Help Cenarion Expedition Rep – want that enchant [Edit: Did this. Pointless enchant for myself personally, but wanted to add it for completion's sake. So pointless that I can't even remember what the enchant is and too lazy to look it up.]
• Helping friend level an alt to advance her jewelcrafting - we still haven't found time to do this
Get enchanting to 375 [Edit: Finally did this a few days ago!]
Start Kara [Edit: Amazingly this finally happened, but now we're on hold again.]
PvP items [Edit: A friend of mine was hounding me to get Gladiator's Salvation and I started, but I don't like the battlegrounds, except AV and can only do that a little at a time. Now I have Light's Justice I have crossed this off my list.]
• New 3v3 Arena Team

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