Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kyrilean's Journal: Spending Time with the Alts

I've got a few alts floating around that I have spent a little time playing trying to find a class that I wanted to spend time leveling to 70. I have a priest, mage, rogue, and shaman. I guess technically I have a warrior as well that I named Esel (German for mule), but he is permanently parked in Ironforge at the auction house. I mail him pretty much everything I find that's worth selling and then post it in the AH on Friday evenings. I also scan the AH for deals with Esel. But I never spend a lot of time with any of them. Something always draws me back to Ky.

Granted Ky is my main and I've spent the most time with him. He'll always be my favorite. I've spent a lot of time in BGs trying to get PvP armor. I've spent a lot of time farming trying to upgrade professions and get to the ever-elusive epic flying mount. I think all of that is about to change.

I didn’t spend much time online as Kyrilean last night. I logged on and started the Ogri’La dailies. I ran into a friend and we grouped for the banish and bombing quests. He then came to help me with the escort quest in Skettis. He logged off after that and I contacted a few guild mates about starting the daily heroic. But while I was waiting, I decided to have a friend’s alt get Maedchen, a level 12 female human priest, invited to our so-called “sister” guild.

My friend Yec has a couple of alts in the guild Ambrosia. Our GM Dyna also moved his alt a few weeks ago into that guild. The idea of having a “sister” guild is to be able to group together for raids. We’ve been trying for some time to get raid ready, but it’s been slow going. Things kept looking up when new 70s joined the guild, but more often than not they’ve left to find a guild that’s a little further along.

Ambrosia has limited invite privileges. I don’t know what they are, but the GM, Lillika wanted to group up and hit the Stocks. Well, I don’t think Maedchen is allowed in Stocks yet, so we decided on Deadmines instead. I guess they wanted to evaluate me before blind inviting me. I wish our guild did a little more of that.
I got the party invite and we met up at DM. I felt extremely out of place as they were all in their upper 20s except Lillika who is 70 and Yec’s alt, who I believe was around 23. They all laughed when I joked about it. Obviously the evaluation wasn’t going to be on my ability to contribute on this run.

We flew through DM quickly and it was interesting to find myself passing on all blues and greeding on greens. I lost most of the greed rolls. I don’t have great gear at lvl 12 and could have probably used a lot of it, but didn’t spend the time actually looking. I guess I figure I can always buy stuff as Ky gave her 30 gold or so. I didn’t realize I was doing it until near the end when the druid in our party asked if I hadn’t needed a particular item. I probably did, but overlooked it.

A Deadmines run is never boring. I don’t know why. You would think that being as simplistic as it is that it wouldn’t be fun after a while, but even at level 70 it is. I’ve run other instances that are fairly easy and I can’t stand them, like Blackfathom Deeps.

After our run, Lillika invited Maedchen into the guild where I was quickly welcomed. At this point, she helped me get a few items for quests on our way back. And they were on their way to the Stocks. I asked if they minded having a mage tag along. So I logged in as Shalandra, a level 22 female human mage. At least this time I was closer to their levels!

After a quick run through the Stocks, Lillika asked if Shalandra wanted to join the guild, so I said why not. I told Dyna that I was moving Shal over to Ambrosia and left FIELD OF HONOR. Even though I know I’m not really leaving that guild, there was still a twinge of guilt, or maybe a sense of loss, associated with that move. LOL. Dyna did ask me about the daily heroic and if we wanted to group with Zeza, but it was late by this point and I had to get up early for work. So hopefully tonight.

So now I’ve met a few new nice people and have a couple of my alts in another guild. I didn’t think it would be quite as exciting as it is. I say that because I’m getting the chance to meet a few more people with lower level alts that can help my lower level alt advance more quickly than I’ve been doing while soloing. I haven’t spent a lot of time with my alts because it got boring and now I think it might be more fun. So here’s to starting a few new journals in my blog!

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