Friday, February 8, 2008

Kyrilean's Journal: Leaving FIELD OF HONOR

So funny thing happened last night! I quit my guild. Yeah, I know it makes FIELD OF HONOR – A World of Warcraft Guild; Friends in the Making a little ironic now. But that said FIELD OF HONOR was only as good as the people that were in it. Now there are still some good people there and I added them to my friends list before leaving, but some things happened that lead up to this decision.

When I logged on last night, Dyna told me that Yecarteiram had left the guild today. So I whispered her alt and called her a liar since she said she wasn’t leaving. She felt really bad, but couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not sure of the details and I won’t go into what I either suspect or what little I do know. Suffice it to say that we’ve had several people come and go because of drama issues and it has affected pretty much everyone the same way.

The three of us started talking and I told Dyna that if he stayed that I would stay. I also said that if he was unhappy with the way things were that I recommended leaving if it would help him enjoy the game more. So it was decided that we were going to leave and make the move to Ambrosia.

While we waited for Lillika, the GM for Ambrosia, to come online I pushed for starting a Heroic Ramparts run. It was fun, but we were so unprepared. A lot of people will argue that we were undergeared and we probably are, but I don’t believe gear plays as large a part as most people believe. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important! Our biggest issue was maintaining crowd control. We must have wiped at least 6 times on the group around the corner from the bridge because of the spellcasters there. I lost track of how many wipes we had after about ten.
We finally did it and made it to the first boss and took him down. So we got our one Badge of Justice and called it quits for the night. Total repair cost was 43g between two repairs! Everyone else was at 16-20g, the penalty for having epic armor! We’re going to try again tonight.

At this point, I left the guild and joined Ambrosia. It started a bunch of people talking evidently. I had one whisper me about why I left. About thirty minutes later, Dyna handed off the guild to another member and joined Ambrosia as well. Not that many people were on, but I’d love to be a fly on the wall when people find out! LOL! Actually, I checked the Armory online this morning and the new guild message is “wth, Dyna left too?”

Well, here’s to a fresh start with a new guild!

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