Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kyrilean's Journal: Keyed for Karazhan!

On Sunday, several of us in the guild decided to get BM done and finally get our keys to Karazhan. Some of the others already have them and are waiting on us. There was another holy paladin in the guild that needed it and he did offer to step aside for me, but I could tell he didn’t want to, so I stepped aside to go second. Now I outrank the guy and probably shouldn’t have, especially since I’ve been trying longer than he, but I figure we’ll all get there and there’s no need to rush or be a jerk about it. I didn’t think about the rumor that I had heard earlier that day; evidently he’s going to go off and start his own guild. That said I shouldn’t have stepped aside because I’m in this for the guild as well as me.

Anyway, they succeeded and we started to group up for a second run. We ran into a little trouble. We had a slightly different group and the makeup wasn’t ideal. The hunter mysteriously DC’d and never got back on and one of the additional warriors decided to try and find another group. It was Super Bowl Sunday people! There was no one on that wanted to do this. We really needed a mage and although there were a lot on, none who wanted to run BM.

We kept trying to take down the bosses, but to no avail. Our last attempt consisted of 3 warriors, none of which were tanks, a druid tank, and I. I have to say the one warrior I didn’t know did extremely well with the adds.

My GM and fellow guildmate were getting very frustrated as they really wanted me to get keyed for this. They felt bad, which I appreciate, but it wasn’t their fault and I know they had tried hard. Yec was cracking me up because she started putting her foot down when I kept talking about giving up! She kept saying it was going to happen and it was going to happen today! But I finally got them to give up searching for someone and we went to BEM to kill the four dragons. Amazingly, the three of us took them all down by ourselves. It wasn’t exactly easy, but it was easier than I thought it was going to be.

The cloak created from the four dragonscales was a little disappointing. I ended up with the Deathwing Brood Cloak of the Sorcerer (+27 Stamina, +18 Intellect, +21 Spell Damage and Healing). I already have something better for me and although the cloak is really good, it just wasn't quite there. I'm definitely keeping it as a memento.

Yesterday, I logged on and my GM logged on about two minutes later. He started hunting for a party and got our former guildmate (see While I Was Gone) to tank for us, one of the tank’s mage friends, and our hunter. We set off for BM and did it! I’m finally keyed for Karazhan!! I’ve been trying to do this for months now. I can’t wait to get there. I really want that Tier 4 armor!!! I’m as a giddy as a school boy!