Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kyrilean's Journal: First Night in Karazhan

Last night was a blast! I entered Karazhan for real for the first time and boy was I excited! Well, let me rephrase that, I was initially hesitant, but later excited!

I logged on and immediately got a whisper from a friend whose guild is apparently short on healers as he asked me to join. I was told two hours max, which I should have dismissed, but I really wanted to go. It took almost an hour before we were finally ready to go and had everyone invited.

While we were waiting I started reading up on the first boss and mentally preparing. Lo and behold! This was a saved instance and they were on Nightbane and Prince Mel. I tried reading up on Nightbane quickly, but didn’t get any really good information to prepare. He took a few tries, but we managed to get him down. He dropped Stonebough Jerkin and as there were two priest healers and myself, I had the option of taking it. It’s definitely an upgrade from what I’m currently wearing based on the healing bonus, but because it was leather I opted not to take it. I also didn’t want to appear greedy, so the tankadin ended up with it. I did get 2 Badges of Justice out of it though, so I'm happy.

Prince Malchezaar was a bear! I believe we wiped three times when I told the raid leader that I appreciated the invite, but that I really needed to go. It was already 1:00am and I had work in the morning. He convinced me to go one more time as another member of the raid had to leave too. Thank God he did too! We were able to get him down relatively easy on that last try. He dropped Jade Ring of the Everliving and I was the only one that rolled on the item and won it! It’s been a long time since I’ve upgraded any equipment and it’s a good feeling to have that again. Prince Mal also dropped 3 Badges of Justice which I was very pleased about.

I’m hoping to get invited back with these guys as my own guild is not yet prepared to go. I think we’re still waiting on a few others to gear up, although we have at least 10 players keyed.

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