Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kyrilean's Journal: Slave Pens (An Heroic Adventure) and Finding Friends

Yesterday was a long day in Azeroth, but a great one!

The first thing I did was spend a lot of time getting my cooking skill up. It had been around 125 for more than 30 levels and I've been level 70 for smoe time now. It's just a skill that I neglected, primarily because I didn't have recipes that would allow me to upgrade the skill. Most of the recipes I knew were green. I keep hearing about this daily cooking quest and heard that you can also make good money with the higher level recipes.

Eventually a couple of guild members came online and I was asked to help with the quest chain leading to the Ogri'La daily quests. It surprised me that we were able to accomplish these quests with five people in just over an hour. When I did them it took a group of 10-12 over three hours! I don't know what we were doing wrong back then, but OMG! LOL!!! And it isn't the gear, although Yec, Dyna, and I were part of the large group and have upgraded a little since then, we haven't upgraded that much.

I was initially supposed to go to Karazhan for the first time tonight. A friend of Yec's needed a healer and actually wanted one the night before, but I was questing with Yec and others and wasn't all that excited to go with a bunch of people I didn't know. I hadn't seen the guy on and the time was getting close. I was invited to go with a Dyna and Zeza to finish a heroic Ramparts instance. They had tried earlier in the day and had only taken the first boss down. I felt bad about leaving Yec to herself, although she said I shouldn't. Later on, Dyna and I were talking about getting Yec to go and I told Yec I decided she had to come on the next one, since she was giving me maybes.

We spent just over an hour getting to the second boss only to find he wasn't there! LOL! The other guys not in our group had come back and finished the instance! We ran over to see if the main boss was there and he was gone too! LOL! Well chalk this one up to practice.

Zeza, Dyna, and I looked for others to go to Slave Pens and get some badges there. This time we ended up with a mage to help and it went really quick. I think we were through the entire instance in about an hour or less. I wasn't even fully mana'd up before they were off running attacking the next group. I don't know if it was the other two we ended up with, but Slave Pens was much easier than Ramparts. I got 3 Badges of Justice out of the thing which doubles the number I have. It's also the first heroic instance that I completed from beginning to end, having only ever been in three others. One time I got two badges and another time only one. The third time I didn't get anything.

Although the heroic instance was great when it comes to advancing in the game, the part that really made the day a great one was the time I spent helping out a friend finish a lot of quests and leveling. It was a lot of fun and with it being just the two of us somehow the talk drifted towards a personal level. We have similar problems in our real lives and have similar views on life. I've made a "new" friend.

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Anonymous said...

Finding friends, in my humble opinion, is probably the most rewarding thing about playing the game. While playing in itself is certainly a great stress reliever, the friends I've made are what keep me logging back in.