Thursday, July 3, 2008

/WoW quit?

Is it time to quit WoW?

[Warning: QQ in progress!]

I guess let me give you a little background first. I started playing WoW just over a year ago and have had a lot of fun and some not so fun times. I started out with minimal socializing and pretty much leveled entirely on my own. I belonged to a couple of guilds, but honestly said very little and did very little with anyone in them until I got into Outland. Even then initially I did very little with others unless I was asked to come along.

I'm not a social person. Most of my guild mates would disagree. I'm known for my bad jokes (which ironically people laugh at) and am never one to hestitate at speaking up. I've enjoyed the social aspect of the game, but honestly it was easier when I didn't.

I'm currently a Co-GM for whatever that is worth in our current guild. We have three of us, but to be honest it feels more like the GM and I are running things and last night that was expressed to me directly.

Somehow, and I'm not sure exactly how or why, when we merged to form a new guild I somehow became the go to guy for our side. I can only surmise that this is because I'm more vocal in my opinions than the others and so naturally the GM and Co-GM on the other side gravitated towards me. I never asked for this and although I am more than happy to take a leading role as it is very important to me on what this guild is about, I'm tired of being the middle man. Let me explain.

We use Teamspeak. Until recently the aforementioned Co-GM and the GM have often spent all their game time using TS and early on invited me into the chat to discuss initial issues, guild directions, goals, etc. Perhaps this is where it all started. I often log in before the other officers. Regardless of how it happened somehow I became the default guy everyone complains to. Weird thing is, anyone can log into Teamspeak, but they dont.

Several weeks ago we were in Kara when an issue came up. I had to sit and think about what it was just now because I couldn't remember. That's how big it was! The issue was switching people for the Chess Event who needed a loot drop with those who didn't. This was all done privately in whispers and officer chat. I wasn't paying that much attention because I was in a private chat with someone, again can't remember what that was either. It's amazing how these "important" things take up our time! The GM pulled the aforementioned Co-GM, myself, and another Co-GM into another channel within Teamspeak. As I was in-game, I didn't know who got pulled in and didn't notice that one of our Co-GMs was left out. To say the least, this Co-GM was furious! So I said he or she should say something to the GM about that. Did he or she want me to say something? The response I got was very close to "no f#$* it! whatever!" I did say something the next day about making sure to include all Co-GMs and officers in those private chats, to which the response was that it wasn't a big issue and was primarily between the individuals who were involved in talking and he didn't mean to exclude anyone. There was one Co-GM pulled into that chat that wasn't initially involved, but to quote another, "whatever".

We have an Officer who complains that the GM and myself made the decisions regarding DKP without consulting anyone else. This may or may not be true based on how you look at it. I informed people we were going to implement it. We took a week to test it out. I badgered the GM and others to help decide what the points were and if we would utilize it in Kara and on and on and on... Did we initialize and start it? Yes. Did I try to include others? Yes. Do people know how to communicate? HELL NO!!

So our Officer believes our geared mage quit last night after I finally enforced the use of DKP bidding on a Tier 4 drop from Curator. Our GM has asked everyone to link what they have and asked people to pass to those who need it most, but he wasn't around last night. So if we do it his way what's the point of DKP? It also doesn't help address the next issue.

We have one Co-GM very concerned about loot beyond Kara and the potential of losing that loot to someone who is currently gearing up in Kara. There is also the concern that we have several geared level 70s who are not assisting in Kara and it is making setting up two Kara groups extremely difficult, which in turn has made progress in Kara slower. It is the belief of the officers that these people will mysteriously have time for raiding again once we get into Gruul's, Mag's, ZA, etc. As such, how do we keep them from reaping the rewards of the hard work the others have done in gearing up and those who have helped along the way? DKP seemed to be the answer.

If we don't utilize DKP in Kara, as we haven't been except to charge the person 1 DKP when they get the loot, then everyone accumulates DKP at the same rate and we're all on equal footing when we get to 25mans. This doesn't address the fear that one Co-GM has at losing that precious loot to someone else that's been getting loot for quite some time as he's patiently waited before he can acquire loot again. There needs to be a minimum charge.

The ironic part here is that I brought this up the other day in an Officer chat, where the GM wasn't present. I said we needed to talk this all out with the GM
and make a decision sooner than later before going much further with DKP. This goes to my argument that people were included, albeit they have a point that it may be somewhat later than they would have liked. Guess what? No one's talked to him.

So here's everything in a nut shell:
  • GM complains that a Co-GM runs pug Kara groups with only a few guildies. This makes it difficult to then later fill all spots for our Kara group. He says that f$#%ing s$#% must stop! I say I was informed not to say anything by one of our Officers as it is a touchy subject so he (the GM) needs to talk to that Co-GM. Guess what? He doesn't.
  • Co-GM complains about losing a particular piece of loot in Gruul's when we get there to someone who is not a main tank/healer/dps and feels that main tanks and main healers should always gear up first. He has a solid argument as if our regular tanks and healers can't gear up first and lose gear to those who show up from time to time, it'll make progression extremely hard and slow. Also, this is after evidently complaining repeatedly to an Officer before it ever gets to me. I suggest we all talk to GM when he gets on to discuss. Guess what? No one has, though I have mentioned it to the GM and asked him to talk to the others. Guess what? He hasn't.
  • Co-GM complains about not being included in guild talks and private chats. Is pissed off, starts cussing behind the scenes, and generally becomes defensive. Suggest talking to GM, even ask if I should talk to GM, to which I get a negative response "no f#$* it! whatever!" I did talk to GM and though inclusion got better, it's still not there 100%.
  • Initial push to start using website for raid signups, etc. No one does and even one Co-GM and GM say they didn't because they're always on. No excuse. If Officers can't set the example, no one else will follow. Website becomes fairly pointless. Only reason anything is on it is primarily because I've posted all the news and most items in forums. Happy to do it by the way, but no one's using it.
Bottom line? Our problem lies in lack of communication. Somehow I ended up being the translator between the GM and everyone else. It stops now! I've sent in game mail to the GM to get with the others and figure it out. I've whispered one Co-GM to get everyone together. I sent e-mail to one Co-GM and two Officers to figure this all out. Until it does...I've effectively /wow quit.

(Hope they do it soon too! Wanted to level Maedchen this long weekend, but I ain't logging in on toons the guild knows until they get it figured out. In fact, I'm so frustrated and so not having fun, that I may just quit WoW altogether.)


Bring Out Your Dead said...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN! And my advice, just take a deep breath and know that most of it will blow over in a day or so. I'm GM of my guild . . and to make it worse, my kids are officers. OMG, you want drama, try insulting your daughter's current squeeze because he's an arrogant little twit you stupidly made the Raid Leader!

You have identified the main problem, though. Communication is so much of a problem.

That's all the advice I have. Just wanted you to know you are not alone . . .and even us Hordies gotz da dramaz.

Ironshield said...


/me tells Kyrilean *not* to /wow quit.

"Not going to happen!"

Listen, there are not enough people in the game with the ability to recognize what are truly problems versus symptoms or just plain drama. You quite clearly grasp the problems and hence are needed!

btw, there are lots of other guilds that are always interested in good players with leadership experience and excellent communication skills - even guilds that would let you tank if you prefered that role!

having said that, deep down you are a tank - pull up your shield, lower visor, and weather the storm.

= )

- Ironhelm