Thursday, July 31, 2008

Level 70!!!

Maedchen dinged level 70 Tuesday night. I sat out of our Kara and ZA raids to make it happen. Although I had first priority for ZA, I felt bad asking one of the three healers to sit out. On a plus note, they were able to beat the first timer which is a guild first! Crap, I wasn't there!

Now debating whether I should leave her shadow spec or switch to holy. Two Co-GMs want me to stay shadow and I must say I'm a little intrigued with doing so. Probably more to learn than going with Holy considering my pally.

I've been tracking my DPS on Recount and sadly I'm averaging 350-400 dps in only greens and a couple of blues. Why sad? Because we have some guildies that are roughly half Kara geared that perform as well. So I suppose I have the potential to have a strong DPS toon here, although I'm afraid I'll get bored of it. Love healing!

I need to learn how to watch Omen though. As a healer I just ignore it because I've learned how to keep my aggro low at all times even when spamming Holy Light. I rarely aggro anymore even with 2300+k buffed heals and 26+% holy crit. So watching Omen will be a new excercise for me.

I'll see how it pans out. If I don't like it, I'll just respec holy.

On another note: need to figure out what happened to my side bar...

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