Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Raiders of Lost ZA

Zul’Aman has always been somewhere I was never sure I’d get to see. It was a lost treasure always dreamed of, but never attained. That all changed Sunday night…

Our GM set up a guild run of ZA to do something new and as incentive for people to start really gearing up in Kara and Heroics. What transpired surprised me to no end! We actually did well for being totally unprepared! Only a couple of members had ever set foot in ZA and half of us aren’t geared for it. In fact, our druid healer isn’t quite geared for Kara yet, but is doing wonderful as he learns his raid heals.

It took some time to get to the first boss, and we wiped a couple of times I think. All in all the pulls weren’t that bad although they hit hard. By the time we got to the boss learning to heal that fight was a little difficult, but after the 2nd wipe we had it down. Once we figured out the tanks were switching as the boss changed forms and were able to hold the aggro accordingly, it became easy to focus on that one tank. Excitement coursed through my veins as I saw we were starting to get the hang of it and really beat down the boss!! Unfortunately, my mana was starting to get low and I had already used a pot 3 times, then I heard the other pally announce he was out of mana and the druid chimed in right behind him. I looked at the boss’ health at roughly 28% and thought, dang we almost made it!

We did get the boss down to 23% before all 3 healers were drained and the tanks started to fall. I couldn’t believe it though. We actually managed to take the first boss to 23% on our third attempt!!! And to top it off we didn’t even have our top DPSers in the raid that night!! Wow!!! The entire guild should be excited about this!

Seeing new content was a blast! Knowing that we’re actually making progress is a huge boost for me! The prospect of knowing we’re progressing is the motivation I needed to help with my burnout problems. I can’t wait for our next attempt!

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