Friday, June 13, 2008

Maedchen's Journal: DING dong the Witch is Dead

OK, so there's no witch. It's just something I had started saying to friends when leveling instead of the boring old "ding".

Finally got Maedchen up to level 40. As slow as the regular mount is, it's such a delight to be able to ride now. I had forgotten how painful it was to walk everywhere. Areas like Redridge Mountains and Stranglethorn Vale are horrible places to have to walk.

Still wondering if I will actually be able to get her to 70 and raid at least Kara before the next expansion comes out....hmmm.


Bring Out Your Dead said...

It should be easy for you. My daughter is about to get her sixth 70 in about as many months. Of course, we do things like run all the post 50 instances in one week, completing every quest in them. She managed to "one shot" Stratholme Saturday with the help of myself (70 hunter) and a 70 lock . . .we did the Baron run in 40 minutes. You just need a middle aged mother with no life who will run you through stuff. :D

Kyrilean said...

LOL! Well, I highly doubt my mother would do that and my wife certainly isn't up for it.

Bring Out Your Dead said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I feel for dudes with wife and mom aggro. I guess there are advantages to being a single, middle aged female. :D