Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Azeroth - Shared Topics #1

Explanation: Over at Blog Azeroth, Siha suggested a semi-regular shared blog topic and kicked it off the first round with this question. Check out her response here. The link to other's responses is here.

Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

I haven’t been playing WoW long enough to really get a solid feel for any of the other classes, but I really enjoy the Paladin. I’ve tried Priest, Shaman, Rogue, and Mage as well, but only the Mage has reached a level above 20.

So why did I choose the Paladin? The perception.

I’ve been an avid fantasy reader since I was young. I spent a lot of time reading Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, David Eddings, and Robert Jordan to name a few. I also grew up with the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and idolized the ideology of the Jedi Knight. In all of these stories, the characters that I’ve always been drawn towards are those that strive for honor above all else; a desire to rise above the natural man. Sturm Brightblade immediately comes to mind for example. Whether this is because I strive for that ideal as my own life permits or because of a lack somewhere in my life, I do not know. I’d like to think I’m honorable though. :)

The Paladin represents all that is good and decent in life. For me, they are the epitome of righteousness and good society. They uphold values that all should strive for in being decent with each other and with helping their fellow man (elf, dwarf, gnome, orc, troll, tauren, etc.)

So what about gameplay? Much like Siha, who started this shared blog, I like the survivability! Let me clarify this statement. I like survivability when it comes to PvE. I can’t survive a sneeze when it comes to PvP!!! Maybe that’s because I always get hit by at least four players in BGs, usually casters and rogues and NO ONE defends the healers.

When I first started playing the Paladin, I kept dying quickly, couldn’t do damage and had no clue as to what I was doing wrong. Then I discovered some of the Protection talents and found that although I couldn’t DPS to save my life, I could take a beating that could! I’ve since learned that a Paladin supposedly can do a fair amount of DPS, but I’ve never tried the Retribution talents so don’t know personally.

My current favorite thing to do is the Banish daily quest. I head north and take on as many of the various demons that I can. So far I can only aggro four and that’s tough because someone always thinks they’re helping and steals at least one. But I have aggro’ed four and then taken on the two humanoid spell-casters that wander around somewhere in the middle of my fight and survived! This all as a Holy Pally too!! I’m not sure why I get such a thrill out of doing this, but I do!

If you read my other blog, WoW Healers: Is there a more frustrating job?!, I make comment on how healing is a frustrating job. There’s nothing so fun like spamming Flash of Light during a fight and only watching the green bars of your party members! But as boring as that can be, I get a thrill out of being such an important support member when we succeed. What can I say? I enjoy healing.

Finally, the ability to wear plate! Plate armor just looks cool. Oh wait, we have Redemption Armor. /sigh. OK, so most of the epic armor for paladins leaves something to be desired, but generally speaking it makes your guy look that much bigger and badder.

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Chris said...

"I can only aggro four and that’s tough because someone always thinks they’re helping and steals at least one."

Rank 1 consecration to tap all of your targets. If someone steals them away, it's still your kill =)